Monday, November 3, 2014

Deceitful Circle Now Available!

Deceitful Circle is now available on Kindle and Kindle apps! Buy it here:

“It’s only been a week since I found out I’m a witch and already I've almost committed murder, completely alienated my now ex-boyfriend, and single-handedly exposed the coven to a pack of murderous werewolves. It has not been a good week.”

After a disastrous road trip to Ashwood Creek, Emerson has discovered a large pack of werewolves — witches oldest enemy. And worse yet, they've discovered her. With the Silver Lake Pack poised to strike, Emerson’s training is now more important than ever.

While Caiden and the rest of the coven prepare for battle, a mysterious new student shows up in town and sets his sights on Emerson. With the pack closing in, tensions within the coven heat up. Meanwhile, Emerson continues to hunt for the truth about her mother’s suicide, despite the danger surrounding her. But some truths are better left buried…

Deceitful Circle is the second book in this young adult urban fantasy series. Don’t miss the beginning, Silent Circle.

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