Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Writing Challenges with a Newborn

Actually, at eight months old, Finn isn't really a newborn anymore, but he still requires plenty of attention; attention that eats up a considerable chunk of my writing time. As many of you know, I am currently working on a new edition of Silent Circle, which will have significant changes from the previous edition, including numerous new scenes and major plot changes. 

As I began this revision process, I assumed it would take a few weeks, maybe a month, before I had this new one banged out… Yeah, I’m quite the optimist! It’s now been over a month since I began this project, and with the way things are going, it’s likely to take another month at least! Of course, I didn't factor in that my little bundle of joy would decide to wake up every 1-2 hours EVERY NIGHT for the last month! 

So instead of getting in a couple of solid writing hours after I put him down for the night, I've been crashing into bed myself, attempting to recharge my poor sleep deprived brain! Thankfully, this new sleep trend seems to be coming to an end (*crosses fingers*) and I hope to get those writing hours back soon. My new goal is to complete this edition of Silent Circle by mid-April, but I’m not holding my breath! 

I’m sure as soon as Finn begins sleeping through the night again, something new will crop up to disturb his sleep (and mine!): a cold, a new tooth, a growth spurt.... The list goes on and on! But, no matter how challenging my little peanut can be at times, and no matter how little time he may leave for writing, or sleeping – or even eating some days! – he is too stinking cute for words and I wouldn't change a thing!

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