Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gray's Dilemma: Daily Chapters!

Daily Chapters are back! This time you will get an exclusive look at Gray's Dilemma, A Witches Circle novella, to-be-released April 14th on Amazon Kindle! The summary and chapter links are below.

Gray's Dilemma Summary:

Pack life can be harsh. The price for disobedience is swift and severe. Gray knows this. As the Alpha’s son, he’s even had to mete out a few punishments himself. But when a close friend of his lands on the wrong side of pack law, Gray must choose between loyalty to his friend and loyalty to his pack. And this time, a wrong decision could cost a lot more than a beating…

Gray’s Dilemma is a novella from The Witches Circle series, told from Gray’s perspective. It covers events in the Silver Ridge Pack that take place at the same time as the first book in the series, Silent Circle.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2


*Update* 4/7 - 
This round of Daily Chapters is now closed! You can still view chapters 1 & 2, but the other chapters are now unavailable. 

Thanks for reading this preview of Gray's Dilemma! I hope you enjoyed this round of Daily Chapters! To find out what happens next with Gray, Derek and Mikhail, you can find the full book here on Amazon:

Gray's Dilemma

If you want to read the first books in The Witches Circle Series, you can find those here: 

Silent Circle

Deceitful Circle

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