Wicca: A Beginner's Guide Excerpt

Why I Wrote This Book

Witchcraft is a subject near and dear to my heart. When I first began my journey into this beautiful, soul fulfilling religion, I remember how confusing and difficult it was. Most of the books I read on Wicca and Witchcraft required expensive tools and lengthy, complex rituals that were difficult to understand or follow.

In this book, simplicity is my goal. I am a firm believer that simple rituals and spells are just as meaningful and effective as complex ones—if not more so—as long as you have the will and desire to enact change in your life.

This book is designed for people like you, who are just beginning to discover this life changing path and desire a clear, concise guide to show them the way to connecting with nature and the Divine without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive tools or manuals.

Wicca: A Beginner’s Guide to Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals, and Magick is the book I wish I could have read when I first began practicing. In it, I will share my own simple, yet effective, rituals and spells that anyone can do, regardless of experience or budget.

This guide will teach you the basics of Wiccan beliefs, along with meditation and visualization exercises designed to open your mind and expand your consciousness. You will be introduced to the basic Wiccan tools and discover how to create your own inexpensively, as well as how to purify them for magickal use. You will also learn all about the eight Wiccan sabbats, how to cast a magick circle, and powerful spells and rituals for prosperity, success, love, purification, and banishing bad habits.

By the end of this book, you will have all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to begin practicing Wicca today!

Chapter 1: Basic Beliefs

Not many people understand what the Wiccan religion really encompasses. The word “witch” generally evokes feelings of fear and revulsion; however Wicca is one of the most gentle, accepting religions in the world.

Wicca is an earth-based religion reconstructed from ancient, pre-Christian beliefs and practices that focus on living in harmony with the earth, the natural cycles, and the Divine.

Although beliefs among different traditions of Wicca and Witchcraft vary slightly, most traditions agree upon these basic principles:

The Divine

Contrary to popular belief, Witches do not worship Satan, or even believe in hell or a devil. Satan, hell, and sin are all part of Christianity, not Wicca or Witchcraft. We do not blame our choices or mistakes on some devil or evil being; we believe that we are responsible for our own actions and we take responsibility for our lives and the consequences of our choices.

We do, however, believe in a higher power, which we personify into a male and female entity—the God and Goddess.

The God and Goddess reside in all of nature. The sun is ruled by the God, the moon by the Goddess.

Our relationship to the God and Goddess is deeply personal. They are a warm, comforting presence in our everyday lives, always with us, always loving us. They are in the warmth of the sun’s rays, the exhilaration of the blowing wind, the gentle mist of rain on our skin, the steady earth beneath our feet. They are present all around us all the time and we constantly strive to deepen our relationship with Them.

All Gods and Goddesses are One

Many Witches and Wiccans believe that all gods are one God and all goddesses one Goddess. By whatever name you call the Divine—Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Allah, Brahman, Shakti, Guanyin, Zeus, Aphrodite, Freya, Brigid—Wiccans believe that they are all actually part of the one God and Goddess; they just represent different aspects of Them.

Because we believe that all gods and goddesses are one, we understand that there is no one true religion or path to Divinity. We respect other people’s personal and religious beliefs and wish for them to give us the same respect.

We do not proselytize or try to convert other people to our religion. Everyone has the right to believe what they want and practice whatever feels right and natural to them.

Reverence For Nature

Of all the Wiccans and Witches I’ve met over the years, reverence for nature is the most common reason they say they were drawn to this spiritual path.

Witches have a strong connection to the natural world and its energies. We believe that the Divine is present in the earth, the air, the rain, the sun and the moon. The God and Goddess are all around us and we feel Their presence most strongly in nature.

Have you ever sat outside in the grass, the sun shining down on you from above, the wind gently blowing through your hair? Or maybe you prefer the beach; your feet buried in the warm sand while the oceans waves are crashing against the shore? Have you felt that sense of inner peace, the love and connection that surrounds you in those moments?

That is the God and Goddess. In those moments, you are feeling Their presence, Their Divine essence. You are feeling Their spirit and energy flow through you and connecting to Them on a personal level.

We believe that all of nature is sacred, and must therefore be respected. Like our ancient ancestors, we seek to live in harmony with nature and its cycles. We have a strong connection to the natural world and it is through nature that we commune with the God and Goddess.

The Pentacle

The pentacle is often misunderstood and wrongly maligned. It’s quite common, even in this day and age, to see it connected to demons and devil-worshippers, when in fact they have nothing to do with one another.

In Witchcraft and Wicca, the five points of the pentacle represent the five natural elements—earth, air, fire, water, and spirit—while the circle surrounding the star represents our connection to nature, the elements, and the Divine. The pentacle and pentagram (which is the five pointed star without the circle) are not symbols of evil or maliciousness, but rather of our spiritual connection to the Divine and the natural world.

Rituals, Spells, and Magick

Like the word ‘witch,’ the term ‘spell’ often evokes feelings of unease and fear, conjuring up images of hags casting evil hexes and causing mayhem. But in reality, a spell is nothing more than a ritualized prayer.

Have you ever lit a candle and said a prayer for someone who was unwell or in need of help? If so, then you have cast a spell!

In its simplest form, a spell requires calling upon a higher power (or the natural elements) while performing a ritual designed to raise energy and enact change. Religions all around the world incorporate elements of magick and ritual into their practices.

For example, in Judaism, two candles are lit in a ceremonial fashion to honor the God and welcome in the Sabbath. In many Christian churches, incense and holy water are used for purification and blessing. In Buddhism, the use of statues, candles, incense, and offerings are used as a means to purify one’s mind and create a peaceful atmosphere in which to meditate.

Similar practices are used in Wiccan rituals and spells. We believe that every one of us has the ability to enact meaningful change in our lives and the world around us through prayer, ritual, and magick.

This isn’t to say, however, that magick will solve all of your problems; magick is an aid we can use, but it should not be used as a crutch or as a replacement for hard work.

The Law of Three

Witches believe in the karmic law of three: whatever you give out is returned to you threefold. This means that whatever energy you send out into the world (good or bad) is returned to you three times over. This is why Witches always strive to do good and only send out positive energy; if you use magick to hurt someone, that negative energy will rebound on you threefold, either in this life or the next.

An You Harm None, Do What Ye Will

Wiccans don’t believe in sin the way Judeo-Christian religions do—there is no list of commandants that must be followed, no devil tempting us, no hell where we will burn eternally. There is only one rule with which we live by: ‘An you harm none, do what ye will’.

We are responsible for our own actions, good and bad. Our moral philosophy is a simple one; whatever you do comes back to you times three, so always strive to do good and never harm.

We do not harm others, nor manipulate anyone by magickal means. In fact, casting a spell on someone else without their permission—regardless if the spell is intended to help them—constitutes doing harm and is strongly discouraged. Our rituals and spells are only used for bringing about positive change, and if used on someone else’s behalf, are done only with their permission.

Despite its negative portrayal in movies and books, Wicca is a gentle, peaceful religion focused on living in harmony with nature and deepening our relationship with the Divine.

Chapter 2: Meditation and Visualization

Meditation and visualization are an extremely important part of a Witch’s daily practice, as they are the key elements to creating powerful magick.

Meditation allows you to calm your mind and connect with the Divine. It’s also the means through which you alter your consciousness and tap into your own energy and the energies around you.

Visualization is the process of manipulating that energy, turning it into reality in order to enact change on the physical plane.

The techniques and exercises in this chapter are designed to improve your skills and increase the power of your magick. Both meditation and visualization take time and practice to master, so don’t be discouraged if these seem difficult at first. The following sections will help guide you on your journey.

Simple Meditation

Choose a comfortable sitting position, either in a chair or on the ground, somewhere you won’t be distracted. Silence your phone, turn off the TV, close your door and tell others you don’t wish to be disturbed. If there are distracting noises around you, you can play calm, soothing music to help drown them out until you become skilled enough to block out distractions on your own.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathing is a very important part of meditation and a main element in altering your state of consciousness.

Slowly inhale to a count of five, expanding your chest and diaphragm as wide as you can. (The diaphragm is the large muscle found at the bottom of your ribcage). If you wish, you can place one hand just below your ribcage. As you inhale, you should feel this area press out against your hand.

When your lungs and diaphragm are as full as you can make them, slowly exhale, again to a count of five. Force as much air out of your lungs, contracting your diaphragm as you do.

Repeat this for several cycles, slowly decreasing your heart rate and releasing all tension from your body.

After a few minutes you should start to feel relaxed and calm. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts, focusing only on your breath. If this is difficult, then choose an image, word, or phrase to focus on, blocking out all other distractions.

This is a great time to relax, releasing any tensions or worries that have been bothering you. Open your consciousness, allowing peace and tranquility to enter your body and mind.

Meditation is an important tool for deepening your relationship with the God and Goddess. Talk to Them if you wish, open yourself up to Their presence.

This is also a great way to release any anger, stress or negativity as well as calm the mind and expand the senses before rituals or magickal workings.

Practice this for at least five minutes each day, slowly increasing the length of your meditation. As the weeks pass, this will become easier and you will find yourself able to enter a relaxed, meditative state almost instantly.

Simple Visualization

Like meditation, visualization is an important tool for creating successful magick. If you can’t visualize the outcome of your spells, you will not be able to send out the energy you need to manifest change.

For this exercise, choose a comfortable sitting position, either in a chair or on the ground. Spend a few minutes breathing and centering yourself. When you are calm and relaxed, close your eyes and picture an object or symbol that is familiar to you. This can be a favorite piece of jewelry, a stylized pentacle, a favorite flower—whatever draws you. When you first start out, you might want to have the object physically present so you can study the details before beginning.

With your eyes closed, visualize this object in as much detail as possible, seeing it as if it is right in front of you.

This will be difficult at first. Your mind may only be able to picture the general shape, losing details the longer you hold it. Other thoughts or images may arise, distracting you. If this happens, simply acknowledge the thought or image, then dismiss it and bring your mind back to your chosen image.

When you are able to hold this image for five minutes without disruption, try visualizing an object you’ve never seen before. Create it in your mind, adding layers of detail to it until the object seems as real to you as if it were sitting right in front of you.

When you are ready, move on to visualizations of people and places, both familiar and unfamiliar. Add as much detail as you can and try to hold that image for five minutes.

When you have mastered the art of visualization with your eyes closed, then try these techniques with your eyes open.

You will find that this is much more difficult and requires a lot more practice, but it’s important for casting a circle and performing spells and rituals.

Breathing Exercise For Releasing Negativity

Meditation is a great way to relax and relieve stress. The following exercise combines both meditation and visualization to help you relieve stress and banish negativity.

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Spend a few minutes focusing on your breath and centering your mind. When ready, visualize a glowing white light surrounding you, pulsing with peace and tranquility.

As you inhale, draw this light into your lungs, allowing it to spread through your body. Feel this light calming you, relaxing your tense muscles.

When you exhale, visualize the stress leaving your body, sinking into the earth below you.

Keep your breath slow and steady. Breathe in peace and calm; breathe out all your stress and anxiety. Let go of any problems or annoyances from your day. Visualize the light slowly permeating through you, filling your entire being with tranquility, leaving no room for tension or negativity.

Repeat this for at least ten minutes or until all the negativity has left your body. When you are finished, ground any excess energy by releasing it into the earth.

Energy Exercises

Another important part of ritual and magick is raising energy. This can be accomplished in a number of ways: meditation, chanting, singing, and dancing.

In this section you will learn a few simple exercises for raising and manipulating energy.

Tree Energy Exercise

Sit outside at the base of a tree. Close your eyes, ground and center yourself. Spend a few moments meditating, connecting with the energy of the tree nearby.

When you’re ready, visualize yourself as the tree. Feel roots sprout from the base of your spine, burrowing into the cool earth below you. Feel them sink into the nutrient rich soil, soaking up the clean, refreshing water deep below.

Tilt your head back and stretch your arms above you, spreading your fingers out like branches. Feel the fiery sun warm your face, the breeze gently flowing along your arms and through your fingers. Feel your skin absorbing the life giving energy of sun and air. Feel the solid earth and refreshing water beneath you, giving you strength and vitality.

When you inhale, visualize your roots drawing the earth’s energy up into your spine, your trunk. Feel it roll up your body, extending up into the branches of your arms, mixing with the sun’s fiery energy and the cool breeze rustling through your leaves.

When you exhale, feel this energy disperse through your branches, releasing and changing into life-giving oxygen.

Allow your body to absorb the strength and vitality of the earth, the cool water, letting their essence mingle with the brisk air and the fiery sun. Feel the energies of the elements roll through you, strengthening and reviving you.

When you’re ready, lower your arms, retracting your branches and slowly draw your roots up from the earth. Ground yourself by visualizing the earth beneath you absorbing any excess energy.

Energy Ball Exercise

This exercise teaches you to raise energy and direct it into your hands or other body parts, which is essential for certain types of spells and rituals.

Sit comfortably and center yourself, breathing slowly and deeply. When you’re ready, begin rubbing your hands together briskly. Do you feel how warm they’re becoming? That is the energy you’re creating through friction.

When your hands are sufficiently warmed up, hold them a few inches apart from one another, palms facing each other. Focus on the heat you generated moments before, visualizing it as a bright ball of energy between your palms.

There is energy inside all of us that we can move and direct at our will. Focus your energy into the palms of your hands, feeling that heat and warmth as you hold this ball of energy.

Slowly, widen the space between your hands, pulling them further away from each other. Visualize the ball growing getting larger and brighter as you separate your hands, continuing to focus on the energy’s warmth.

If you are no longer able to feel the tingle of the energy, rub your hands together for another moment and maintain that energy for as long as you can.

The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will become and you will find yourself able to maintain that energy ball in your hands for longer periods of time.

Once you are able to maintain this ball of energy for several minutes, try moving it to different parts of your body, feeling the corresponding tingle of warmth.

Note: This technique is fantastic for healing. For example, if you have a sore knee, stomach pains, or a headache, do this exercise and bring that ball of light to whatever area is bothering you. As you push that energy into the area, visualize this white light healing the injury or malady.

Sensing Energy Around You

Once you become adept at manipulating your own energy, you can begin to manipulate the energy in objects around you.

Every object has its own energy. Natural items like plants and stones have unique elemental energies that we can tap into in order to strengthen our own magick.

To attune yourself to this energy, choose a plant, herb or stone. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, bringing yourself into a meditative state.

Taking slow deep breaths, place your dominant hand over the item. Feel its inner energy in your hand. This might feel like a tingle, a dull throbbing, or warm hum in the palm of your hand. What emotions or sensations do you feel? Do any colors or images come to mind? Does it feel soothing? Energizing? Protective?

Open your senses and allow yourself to become receptive to whatever energies the plant or stone may hold.

Try this on different natural items, noticing the different sensations, colors, images, and emotions they evoke.

Once you’ve felt the energy of natural items, try this with other objects. Even man-made items contain energy; some of this will be from the natural materials that make it up, but they may also contain energy absorbed from their environment and the people who have used them or created them.

Old jewelry is a great object to practice this with, as it will have absorbed the energies of the people who have worn it in the past. Hold the item in your dominant hand and close your eyes, opening yourself up to any sensations, thoughts, or emotions.

Once you become adept at sensing this energy, you can begin directing your own energy into other items.

For example, after harvesting herbs or vegetable from your garden, it is a good idea to thank the earth for its sacrifice by sharing a portion of your energy with it. This can be done by holding your hand out to whatever plant you took from and sending a little of your energy out from your hand into the plant.

You can also create empowered charms and amulets by directing your energy into stones or jewelry to suit your own magickal needs.

Creating Charms and Amulets

To create a magickal charm or amulet, you will first have to decide what kind of charm you wish to create.

Do you generally feel stressed at work and would like an amulet to keep you relaxed and calm? Do you have a big test coming up and need a charm to strengthen your mental acuity and help you retain information? Do you want to protect your home or yourself from danger or negativity? Do you need an energy boost for a project you’re working on?

Once you have decided on a purpose for this charm, now you must choose what item you wish to imbue with power. I prefer jewelry that I can wear in everyday situations, but you can also choose stones or other small objects you can easily carry on you, or you might prefer something decorative you can hang in your home or near your front door for protection. Choose something suitable to the purpose of your charm.

Before beginning any magick, make sure you purify this object to cleanse it of any previous energy (You will find a cleansing ritual at the end of Chapter 3).

After you’ve purified the item, place it on your altar (if you have a pentacle, you can place it on that) and hold your hands over it.

Now focus on the purpose of this charm, whether it’s for stress relief, inspiration, study help, protection, etc. Concentrate on your need, clearly visualizing exactly what you want this charm to do.

Meditate on this purpose, feeling the energy inside rise up to your call. You can even write up a short chant to repeat over and over to help focus your mind and raise energy. It can be something simple, like “Wealth, money, and prosperity to me,” or something more flowery, such as “Lord and Lady, I beseech thee, peace and relaxation bestow upon me.”

When you can feel the energy humming through your body, focus it into your hands and push it outward into the item you’ve chosen. Visualize the energy physically leaving your body and flowing into the item. You will know it has worked when you can feel the item pulsating with this energy.

When you’ve finished, ground yourself, releasing any excess energy into the earth.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself fatigued after this. Empowering objects requires a lot of energy. Make sure to eat something to replenish yourself.

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