Simple Candle Magick Excerpt

Why I Wrote This Book

I have been a practicing Witch for almost 10 years, and I understand firsthand how difficult and confusing this path can be in the beginning, particularly if you are short on time and money.
Many of the books I read when I first started out required expensive tools and lengthy, complex rituals that were difficult to follow and understand. I am a firm believer that simple rituals and spells are just as meaningful and effective as complex ones—if not more so—as long as you have the will and the desire to enact change in your life.

In this book you will find simple, yet powerful spells that are easy to follow and don’t require any fancy or expensive tools. All you need is yourself and a candle!

These spells are specifically designed for beginners, with easy to follow instructions to guide you through spells for protection, prosperity, healing, study, breaking bad habits, attracting new friends, love, prophetic dreams, and much more!


Introduction to Candle Magick

Fire is one of the most common elements used in religious ceremonies throughout the world. Almost every religion incorporates fire and candles into their ceremonies and rituals; witchcraft is no exception. By its very nature, fire is energizing, cleansing, and transformative—the perfect element to be invoked in many useful and effective spells. 

Candle magick is an ancient practice, and one of the simplest to learn. At its most basic level, candle magick involves imbuing a candle with energy and willing that energy towards a specific purpose. Then, as the candle burns down, that energy is sent out into the universe to carry out your intention.
The key to this, as it is in all Witchcraft and magick, is your will, focus, and energy. If you simply light a candle and say “I want to be rich”, with no focused energy or intention, you can bet that it won’t work very well.

If, however, you need a certain amount of money for a car or to pay off your bills, and you light that same candle, concentrating on the amount of money you need, focusing all your energy on attaining the funds for a particular purpose, you will find yourself suddenly receiving a check you weren’t expecting, or you’ll come across money around the house you misplaced. Some way or another, the money you need will find its way to you. Focus and intent make all the difference in magick.


Before we get into any magick or spellwork, I do need to say a few things about ethics. As a Wiccan, I adhere to the Wiccan Rede, “An you harm none, do what ye will.” These spells were created with only positive intentions in mind. They are not meant to do harm of any kind or to manipulate anyone by magickal means.

Casting a spell on someone else without their permission—regardless if the spell is intended for positive purposes—constitutes doing harm. These spells should only be used for bringing about positive change, and if used on someone else’s behalf, should only be done with their permission.


Candles come in a variety of colors, and each color is associated with different magickal energies. For instance, blue is a very calming color and can be used for spells that involve peace, tranquility, stress relief, and healing.

Candles are one of the most common items you will use in your spells and rituals and I recommend having a supply of many different colors to fit any spell you may need.

For each spell I will list the color candle you should use, but if you don’t have a particular color, you can almost always substitute in a white candle. As white is the combination of all other colors, it is the perfect all-purpose candle color and can be used for almost any spell.

At the end of this book is a list of colors and their magickal uses to help you create your own candle spells!

Candle Types

Candles come in all different shapes and sizes: large pillars, slim tapers, votives, tea lights, even small birthday candles can be used in your spellwork!

These tiny candles can be useful for one-time spells, when you want to allow the candle to burn down completely, however they can be difficult to carve symbols or runes into because they’re so thin.
I prefer to use small tapers, about 5 inches long. They are thick enough to easily inscribe, but still small enough that they can burn down in a few hours.

Larger pillars are useful for ongoing spells, such as weight loss or study help, when you want to be able to use it for several nights, a week, or longer.

Whatever type of candle you choose, keep it in a safe area whenever it is lit. Make sure you have sturdy candle holders to prevent taper candles from tipping over, and always place pillar candles or votives in containers or on fireproof dishes (this also helps to catch melted wax!)

Optional Enhancements

As you continue on your journey into Wicca and Witchcraft you will learn that for every spell there are numerous enhancements that can be added in order to boost the spell’s energy, such as stones, herbs, incense, oils, runes, etc.

The spells in this book are basic, no frills spells for the novice who is just beginning to learn about Witchcraft and magick. The bare minimum for each spell in this book is a candle, a match or lighter, and yourself.

Once you become comfortable with the basics of spellcraft and magick, you can begin to add these enhancements into your spells if you so choose. To that effect, each spell in this book includes an optional rune or runes to inscribe onto the candle and optional scented oils to anoint the candle with. Some spells even incorporate items such as herbs, flower petals, or coins.

These are optional only: if you don’t have the means or inclination to add these into your ritual, don’t fret. You can still create powerful magick without these enhancements.

The most important thing in any of these spells is YOU. Your intentions and concentration are key in creating the energy to successfully cast these spells. All the enhancements in the world won’t be enough to create magick if your heart and head are not in it. 

Inscribing Runes

Runes are an extremely versatile magickal form. They can be inscribed into a candle, drawn on the spell caster or recipient, etched into stones or wood, carried around as talismans, or added to spell sachets, sewn onto clothing or pillows—really, the list is endless.

Rune magick is so expansive that it can be in a book all on its own. But as this book’s focus is candle magick, not rune magick, I won’t be going into too much detail regarding them. In this guide, we will be using the Elder Futhark Runes for inscribing on candles.

Before each spell there will be a list of what you need for the spell, as wells as a picture of the rune or runes used, and their names and functions. I have also added a complete list of Elder Futhark Runes and their meanings at the end of this book to help you when creating your own candle spells.
If you choose to use runes in your spellwork, then after meditating and centering yourself, you will inscribe the rune or runes into the candle you’re using. You could also inscribe words or other symbols appropriate to the spell—whatever is most comfortable for you.

To inscribe a candle, use a sharp object (a boline is best if you have one, but a pin or small pocket knife work well too!) and carefully carve the runes, words, or symbols into the side of the candle while focusing on the purpose of your spell. Since most spells require the candle to at least burn down passed the inscribed runes, it is best to carve them near the top of the candle.

As with all magick, your focus is key here. Simply carving the symbol onto the candle won’t do you any good if you are not focusing your will and energy towards your goal. You should be visualizing your spell coming to fruition as you complete every step of the ritual.

Anointing with Oil

There are many herbs and oils with properties and attributes suitable for every magickal purpose. For each spell in this book, I have listed several different options for you to choose from. If you choose to us oils in your spells, you can choose whichever oil you like from the list for each spell. Most of the oils listed are fairly common and easy to find.

I have also added a bonus Oil Correspondence Chart at the end of this book, so you can create your own candle spells simply and easily!

Like the runes, using oils for these spells is optional. If you prefer to work only with a candle and your own energy, then that is perfectly fine.

If you want to use oils in your spells, then first choose one of the oils listed that you want to work with. Make sure the oil you choose is a scent that you personally like; if you can’t stand the smell of lavender, then using that oil in a spell meant to relieve negative energy isn’t a very good idea!

If you don’t have any of the listed oils, you can always substitute it for plain olive oil or grape seed oil.

After inscribing the candle (if you choose to do so,) you will then anoint the candle with oil. To do this, put a few drops of the oils on your finger tips and, beginning in the center of the candle, stroke upwards toward the wick, coating the top half of the candle in oil. Then, again starting in the middle, stroke down towards the candle’s base, coating the other half.

Just as when you’re inscribing, when you anoint a candle you must focus on your magickal intentions. Visualize your end goal, imbuing the candle with this magick and energy.

Spell Preparation, Centering, and Grounding

Before beginning any spell, first make sure you have everything you need for the ritual. You don’t want to get halfway through a spell and then realize you forgot the matches to light your candle!
Once you gather the ingredients, it’s important to find a quiet place to work where you won’t be disturbed. Set up your ingredients and any tools you may be using and sit quietly for a few minutes, centering yourself.

Slowly inhale to a count of five, expanding your chest and diaphragm as wide as you can. The diaphragm is the large muscle found at the bottom of your ribcage. To check that you are breathing correctly, place one hand below your ribcage so you can feel the movement of your diaphragm with each breath.

After filling your lungs and diaphragm with as much air as possible, slowly exhale, again to a count of five, forcing all the air out of your lungs, contracting your diaphragm as you do.

Repeat this with each breath, slowing your heart rate, allowing your mind to calm and your body to relax.

When you feel calm and centered, then bring your mind’s focus to the spell you are casting. Think about the reason you are performing this magick, what it is you want to achieve. Visualize the spell coming to pass. Know that the spell WILL work. Believe that, see it happening.

Keep up this visualization and positive thinking throughout each step of the spell. Concentration and focus are the most important parts of any spell. If you can’t visualize the spell taking effect, then you won’t be able to raise the necessary energy to enact change in your life and the world around you. Simply put, if you don’t believe that the magick will work, then it won’t. Keep your thoughts and energy positive. Open yourself up to the magick, and you will have the power to change your life!

At the end of each spell, it is also important to ground any excess energy you may have built up. Grounding is a very simple process: simply sit calmly, centering yourself and focusing on your breathing. Feel the excess energy inside your body, and as you breathe out, gently push this energy downward, releasing it into the earth below.


These spells don’t require you to cast a circle, call upon the watchtowers, chant long-winded, impossible to memorize incantations, or dance skyclad, hopping on one foot, while holding an enchanted salamander!

These are bare-bones, easy to perform spells. However, I do include optional enhancements you can use for when you progress in your journey and want some advanced magick ideas.

In many of these spells, I do call upon the God and Goddess, but in a general way. I don’t delve into mythology or specific pantheons as that area encompasses too much information for me to cover in this book and, frankly, it would be too overwhelming for the beginner.

If you wish to incorporate any particular deities into these spells, then go for it! You do not need to perform these spells as if they are a sacred text passed down from Odin himself—feel free to modify them to suit your needs.

Remember, the most important thing is your intention, your focus, and your will. When it comes to magick, you get out what you put in.

With that said, let’s get started!


Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy

This spell is great if you feel yourself bogged down with anxiety, depression, anger, stress, or other negative emotions.

What You Need:

Candle: Black
Oil: Chamomile, Lavender, Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood, Rosemary, Mint or Vanilla (optional)
Rune: Sowilo for cleansing fire (optional)

Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed. Center yourself and spend a few minutes meditating, focusing on your breath and clearing your mind of all thoughts.

If you choose to, carve the rune into the side of your candle, then anoint it with one of the listed oils. 

When you are ready, set the candle in front of you and light the wick. As you gaze into the flame, focus on the issue or problem causing this buildup of negativity in you. Concentrate on the root of what’s causing these negative emotions, keeping your gaze trained on the flame.

Once you’ve pinpointed the source of the negative energy, draw the rune Sowilo on your chest with your finger. Visualize a white light bathing you from above, cleansing the anger and negativity from your body. Then say:

Lord of the Sun and Cleansing Fire,
To be free of negativity is my desire.
All pain, anger, and depression be gone,
Only positive energies welcome from here on.
Free me from darkness, return me to light,
May my spirit be pure, serene, and bright.

As you stare into the burning candle, imagine the bright light of the flame washing over you, burning away the negative energies. Feel all the anger, depression, anxiety dissipate, being consumed by the cleansing fire. 

Continue this visualization until all the negativity is gone. If you are able to, set the candle in a safe area and let it burn out on its own. If that’s not possible, wait until it has burned passed the rune inscribed on it, then snuff it out and bury the remains in the earth.

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